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This is the place for fanfiction inspired by the RPG. Thanks to all those who have contributed their talent. Please refer to the Forum for information on 'How to Submit Fiction.'
Currently there are 21 stories from among our 771 members. A special welcome to our newest member, ojorafafocabe.
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Insomnia by DeeRyoFan PG-13
Ryo had been shot and everyone was very worried over him for a while, especially Dee of course. Except for Diana, Mother and Bikky no one knows that Dee and Ryo are a couple. Diana’s feelings for Berkeley Rose finally get to her after witnessing a te...
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At Night in New York City by DeeRyoFan G
Spoilers: Not that I am aware of... maybe for the current storyline on the RPG, but please be aware that this drabble is inspired by the RPG and not meant to fit within the plotline in general....

Hate Crime by gracie_musica PG-13
Notes: Inspired by this post ( over on fake_2nd_chance and by me catching a little bit of "The Laramie Project" on HBO. Jesus, that movie makes me cry every time I watch it....

New Year's Party by gracie_musica PG-13
New Year's Party...